New Digs

Dear Readers,

You have been amazing. Really. I can’t get over your loyalty and genuine interest in following these Boy Mom stories for all these years. I am honored and humbled. Recently I received a hand-written note from a newly married, all-star college pitcher—warm-hearted friend of my son’s—who told me to “keep the blogs coming.” Case in point of my frequent astonishment as I become aware of the many faces of this growing family.

Speaking of family. Don’t worry. I’m not done writing about them. There will still be plenty of stories. Stories about this sweet-and-spicy Anderson clan and the God who saves us. Stories about me trying hard to be the brave mom of adulting young men. And of course, stories about this wild new season of being Nana. There will be plenty of stories. But just like it was time for us to move out of our Orchid Street house after twenty-three years of calling it home—it is time for me to move on from this five-year-old boymom domain to something bigger and hopefully better. My new address is I invite you to make your way over sometime soon, and BYOC. (“C” as in coffee, or chocolate, or if you’re my friend, Sheryl, chai tea.) Stop by often—and to make it official, I’d love to have you FOLLOW my site. This is one of the things I’ve been told is a big deal for us wanna-be-writers—having our very own family of email-list-followers.

Like Grandma Helen used to say, “Thanks a million.”

See you soon over at the new digs.

With Love,